Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

The overall goal of speech therapy services is to support an individual in communicating in a more functional way. Language, communication, and social challenges are addressed through individual sessions and through collaboration with other service providers. This service helps clients improve their verbal, nonverbal, and social communication in order to be more independent with all communication partners across all environments.

Our speech language pathologists conduct comprehensive evaluations and provide appropriate and dynamic service delivery methods. Treatment plans are individually tailored to reflect an understanding of clients’ ages and specific functional needs.

Speech language pathologists collaborate and communicate effectively with all staff and team members including, including occupation therapists, behavioral team members, and outside professionals, to consistently serve the needs of the individual relating to treatment plans. Collaboration occurs with families and caregivers in order to provide opportunities for them to be involved in and carry over the individual’s speech‐language pathology services.

Child Speech Language Therapy

Areas We Serve

We offer our services throughout the Northeastern United States. With over a dozen locations and a full partnership approach, we’re committed to giving families the support they need to navigate an often overwhelming landscape.

We provide therapy for individual development delays from birth through adulthood. Our experience gives us the ability to understand and treat each individual uniquely. Our clinically proven evidence-based therapy focuses to assure our clients receive the best and most effective care possible.

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Our Mission: To empower children, and their families, to achieve individualized behavioral goals through assessment, treatment and education.

Our Vision: To develop a unified team of practices that not only provides high quality therapy services, but also serves a key role in coordinating care for individuals with developmental delays and their families.

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